High-end Dog Cushion with orthopedic lying comfort - washable - made in Germany

The best dog pillow for your pet.

Healthy, deep sleep is just as important for your dog as it is for us humans. Man’s best friend spends 12 – 15 hours snoozing comfortably, 2 -3 hours of which are real deep sleep. To ensure that these long lying phases are gentle on joints and spine, it is important to make sure that the sleeping place is of particularly good quality. For the healthy sleep of dogs and cats, we have developed the high-quality, orthopaedic latex filling, which is processed in each of our bedding cushions.


Where is the best place for the dog cushion?

To find the best place for your four-legged friend to sleep, it is important to observe him first. Does your pet prefer to sleep in seclusion and look for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle? Then you should also set up a sleeping place for him in a secluded corner.
Does your dog always seek your closeness and relax best with you? Then it is obvious that you should set up a sleeping place for him, if possible, in the vicinity where most of the activities take place. Once you have found out his preferences, it is easy to choose the best place for the orthopaedic dog cushion.


What size do I choose for the dog cushion?

When determining the right size for the dog pillow, it is also important to observe your pet’s sleeping habits. Does your dog always sleep curled up? Then a square pillow such as the LOUNGE Uni is particularly suitable. If the animal prefers to sleep stretched out for a long time, then a rectangular pillow such as the DIVAN dog pillow is the better choice. All large sizes are chamber pillows, which means that the filling is in chambers. This keeps the comfortable latex filling in place, the cushion keeps its shape for a long time and cannot sag.
We have developed pillows for all dogs who love to lay their heads on end. These fit all our dog cushions and baskets.


How do I clean the dog cushion?

To prevent the dog’s sleeping place from becoming a source of foul-smelling bacteria, the dog cushion must be washable so that it can be cleaned regularly. Normally it is enough to wash the cover once in a while. Of course, all our fabrics are selected according to these criteria and can be washed in the machine and are suitable for tumble dryers. The latex-filled inner cushions can also be machine washed and dry very quickly in the sun. In addition, all our cushion covers are zipped to make removal and covering as easy as possible. The LOUNGE Mary dog cushion has a circumferential zip that can be opened completely. This makes cleaning a real breeze. And should little mishaps happen more often when your dog is young or old, you can order the matching incontinence cover for each of our dog beds.


Dog cushion embroidered with name.

Would you like a product with your dog’s name on it? That is also possible with us. We are very happy to embroider the dog cushion with the name of your pet. However, we can only offer this service for the fabric cushions, unfortunately this is not possible on the leather dog cushions.


Dog cushions produced sustainably in Germany with a lot of love.

We manufacture all our dog beds and cat baskets in our factory in Upper Franconia.
Around Lichtenfels and Coburg, the production of upholstered furniture has a long tradition. We benefit from the supplier structures in our district and can obtain all materials for production, including packaging materials, within a radius of 50 km.
We are also very happy to fulfil special requests, whether dog cushions are round, very large or tiny, a special cover or made to measure, we endeavour to fulfil all requests.